A BitPeel Success Story

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Red Robin is known for their incredible service and quality. To maintain that standard they have an internal team dedicated to delivering knowledge and expertise throughout the company. BitPeel worked with this team to build a custom software solution to coordinate workshop reservations and manage learning resources used throughout the operation.

Red Robin is a national restaurant chain famous for service up gourmet burgers and brews.

Yummm U. is the internal department responsible for facilitating the training of thousands employees at hundreds of restaurant locations.

Workshop Coordination


Employees reserve their spot from any browser, tablet or smart phone to attend a workshop. If a workshop is full, employees are automatically added to a waiting list.


  • Users can reserve a spot in a workshop from any phone or computer.
  • Event is automatically added to their calendar with their local time zone set.
  • Users receive reminders before event to reduce no-shows.
  • Users can reserve spot on waiting list if all workshops are full.

Efficiency Gains

  • Allows training department to create and manage workshops.
  • Admins are notified when a user RSVPs.
  • Updates to workshops are automatically sent to users.
  • Automatic time-zone handling reduces confusion.
  • Admins can move users on and off waiting list.

BitPeel Advantages

  • Custom design to match Red Robin branding.
  • Responsive design works on mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.
  • Automated testing to keep features working now and in the future.

Phase 2

The workshop reservation project was a success and demonstrated the efficiency gains of custom software. Soon after launch a second phase was added to allow management of training resources.

Online Library

Keeping track of what learning resources were available, when they were checked out, and who wanted them next was an administrative hassle.

BitPeel built an online library to provide a simple place for employees to browse resources, check them out, and join the waiting list when unavailable.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Entering book information manually for each new book would be tedious. The solution we built allows the administrator to simply scan a book's bar code and information such as the title, author, description, and pictures are automatically loaded.

To check a book back in administrators can simply scan the bar code and they will be taken to a page where they can see existing check-outs and who is on the waiting list.

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The Outcome

The Red Robin Project is a great example of well designed software delivering real business value.

By offering simple, intuitive and convenient access to learning resources, the training team spends less time on manual processes and more time on delivering their trademark innovative learning.

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