Ruby on Rails Development Services

We're Ruby on Rails experts who take a common sense approach to quickly building reliable, thoughtfully designed and easy-to-use software.

Our Core Ruby on Rails Services

New Projects

Have an idea for awesome software?

We've built and maintained a lot of Rails apps and can help you each step of way, from developing your first Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to planing a roadmap for the long run. We're here to help put you in a position to find a product/market fit.

Existing Projects

Have an existing Rails app?

We can help maintain your existing project or take it to the next level. Leverage the expertise of seasoned veterans who understand the trade-offs of software development and can explain them to you in a way which makes sense.

Junior Developer Coaching

Already have a team in place?

We can offer insights on how to plan your application architecture, how to write an effective test suite, and more. Rather than writing the code ourselves we can use techniques such as pair-programming and code reviews to make sure your team understands and can take the codebase forward in the future.

Rescue Projects

Is your Rails app a mess?

We can help get your Ruby on Rails app back on the right track. We'll evaluate your project and come up with an action plan. This typically includes adding tests to your app, rethinking your application's architecture and refactoring problematic areas of your existing codebase.

Have a project in mind?

When you interact with BitPeel, you'll immediately notice our personable, common-sense and helpful approach.