Our Process

Our process delivers quality work, an exceptional client experience and reasonable project cost.

It Starts With the Right Questions

Understanding your business goals is key to producing effective results. By asking timely questions we can eliminate unnecessary cruft in your project leaving us with ample time to focus on what matters most.

Throughout the project, we'll continue asking relevant questions to help ensure we stay on track.

We Minimize Project Costs

We've yet to meet a client with more money than ideas for making their project better. In an effort to minimize project costs, we'll ask questions to better understand your needs, estimate the level of importance and help prioritize our efforts.

Sometimes, we offer a healthy level of "push back" on certain features by challenging their level of importance at the current stage of the project and reminding you we can always add features at a later point in time.

Rapid Iteration

We want your feedback early and often. Typically within a week of starting your project, we'll give you access to an initial version of the website. When new features are added, we'll share them with you as soon as possible.

Our experience show project requirements often change as the project materializes.

Mobile Friendly Design

Mobile usage has skyrocketed in recent years. Offering a delightful experience on mobile devices is imperative for success in today's world. Modern UI toolkits allow us to efficiently incorporate responsive design into every project.

We'll make sure your website looks great and works well on a variety of screen sizes.

Desktop. Tablet. Phone. Landscape. Portrait. iPhone. Android.

A Solid Test Suite

Good software is reliable software. An automated test suite is the best way to ensure the code we write works as expected, now and in the future. Automated test suites also help new developers who join the project and safeguard against changes to the application which may unknowingly break something.

The Right Technology

Depending on your projects requirements, we'll select a technology stack which best meets the projects requirements. Our favorite is Ruby on Rails, a world-class web framework that allows us to develop quickly and iterate.

Have a project in mind?

We've worked with companies of all sizes and with people of all levels of experience. Whether this is the first time you're attempting to get a project built or you've got extensive experience with software development, we'll explain the process and trade-offs in terms that make sense to you.

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