Matt Goatcher

"I love coming up with inventive solutions to problems."

Why I Learned To Code

I've been fascinated by computers and programming since the first time I saw a few lines of code written in a magazine as a small kid. While getting my degree in Computer Science at the University of California, Riverside, I began to explore web technologies. I enjoyed developing the wide range of skills required to be a full stack web developer, such as server-side programming, database knowledge, server administration, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, etc., and have continued in the web technology field ever since.

What Do You Want to Learn Next

Lately I've been dabbling with Elixir a functional programming language for building extremely scalable applications. I'm also interested in Ember, a front-end Javascript framework for creating ambitious web applications.

In My Free Time

I love getting outside, and particularly enjoy snowboarding and hiking. When closer to home, I like listening to Podcasts (Hardcore History, History of Rome) and reading.

My Family

I live in Riverside with my wife, Christina, and my two daughters, Penelope (4 yo) and Violet (2yo).

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