BitPeel For Nonprofits

Each quarter, we offer one Nonprofit Organization web development and consulting services valued at $5,000 absolutely free of charge.

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BitPeel can help your nonprofit organization.

Become More Efficient

Software designed for your organization and its processes can help make your staff more efficient. From automating recurring tasks, allowing constituents to serve themselves and making data easily accessible.

Increase Community Awareness

Let's design an awesome new website with your mission and goals in mind. Great websites not only look great, but they should allow you to easily communicate with your audience. We can provide an easy means for you to manage content.

Drive More Donations

Let's make it easier for donors to support your organization financially. From processing donations online to building a subscription service that reminds people automatically to donate again.

Tell Us What You Need

Ultimately, we're looking to make a big impact with the organization we select. Feel free tell us how we can build something to help your organization.

We build awesome websites

Who is BitPeel?

BitPeel is a web consultancy: we're experts at building awesome stuff for the web. Basically, you can think of us as creators of very powerful websites for both internal and external purposes. The websites can allow for complex workflow by encapsulating business logic specific to your organization.

We believe improving the local community is a worthwhile effort. This is just another way we are giving back. The selected organization will be able to utilize up to $5,000 worth of our services absolutely free over a three month period.

Who Can Apply?

Any Nonprofit can apply. However, we're most interested in helping Nonprofit Organizations serving the Inland Empire region of Southern California.

How will you decide?

We're looking to find a way to make an impact in the community by developing web based software. Here are some of the areas we'll be evaluating:

  • Project Scope

    We want to make sure we can deliver something worthwhile given the constraints on time and budget.

  • Organizational Impact

    We're looking to maximize the impact of our efforts. That means finding a project that well suits our skills and can make a meaningful impact on the organization.

  • Commitment to Collaboration

    For us, doing great work also means the stakeholders are well served. That means we need to collaborate with stakeholders throughout the project.

  • Phone or In-person Interview

    We'll select a few finalists and speak with them over the phone to learn more about their organization and needs.

Still have questions?

Just send us a note via email: [email protected]

Apply For Our Q1 2021 Project

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Important Dates

Q1 2021

Application Deadline
December 31 2020

Please keep in mind, we may select a project prior to the application deadline. If we do select a project, we will let everyone know.

Have questions?

Just send us a note via email: [email protected]


The Redlands Benchwarmers Association have been selected as for our Q4 2015 project!

With a 60+ year history we're proud to partner with the Redlands Benchwarmers and look forward to assisting them better reach their mission of helping high school students athletes.