We're Honored: 2016 Young Entrepreneur Award

Last week Matt Goatcher and BitPeel were recognized by The Greater Riverside Area Chamber of Commerce with the 2016 Young Entrepreneur Award. We're honored to be recognized by one of the most successful and influential chamber of commerce organizations in the country. We look forward to getting more involved with business leaders in our area and doing our part to give back and help make Riverside a great place to do business.

Matt and Judd taking about BitPeel's business.

During the course of building software we're usually looking forward to the next feature or project, and rarely have the chance to look back at what we've built. But, with the award coming just over a year after BitPeel was founded, it has given us a great opportunity to reflect.

This year we have worked with entrepreneurs launching new services and with businesses streamlining their operations. We've built products that handle everything from processing payments and tracking compliance, to manipulating photos and helping users communicate. But most importantly BitPeel has led to many wonderful relationships with clients and peers that never would have come about otherwise.

As next year rolls around, we'll continue striving to produce happy clients and successful projects, giving back to the community and helping others learn more about software development and the ruby programing language. We're also on the cusp of an exciting new venture with a local business and we can't wait to share the details.

Again, a huge thanks to The Greater Riverside Area Chamber of Commerce for honoring us with an award and taking the time to consider our business as one of the best in the Riverside Area.