Our First Nonprofit Project Selection

In September we kicked off a new program formalizing one of the ways we are giving back to the community.

We're calling it BitPeel for Nonprofits. In short, our goal is to donate $5,000 worth of services each fiscal quarter to a nonprofit organization. We aim to help the selected organization better reach their mission with the service donated.

BitPeel & Redlands Benchwarmers Association

The Redlands Benchwarmers Association is the first organization we've partnered with and we're really excited about the potential of this project.

As with any project we take on, we want our efforts to have a meaningful impact.

Some of the things we plan to accomplish.

A New Website Design

We're going to start from the ground up with a new look and feel. We'll create something that not only looks modern and visually welcoming, but also makes it easy for visitors to understand the organization mission, ways they can get involved and ultimately drive more donations. We'll keep these primary goals in mind every step of the way and use them to help us deliver for an organization which has been helping high school student athletes for over 60 years.

Featured Stakeholders

It's important for website visitors to understand the various ways they can get involved and help the Benchwarmers achieve their goals. Highlighting the people and organization who make it all possible will allow us to clearly demonstrate the various ways others can help. From the board members who volunteer to the business sponsors who donate money. Featuring stakeholders provides a prime opportunity to display a call-to-action promitng visitors to get involved. Furthermore, public recognizing the stakeholder serves as an auxiliary benefit to being involved with the organization.

Custom Content Management

Great website offer relevant and up-to-date content. We want members of the Redlands Benchwarmers to be able to update content without having to contact us. For example, each year the list of sponsors will change and we're going to make it super easy to add and remove sponsors. Similarly, events board members and supporting booster clubs will be managed by the Benchwarmers themselves. Furthermore, because we will be performing Ruby on Rails development services, we can interweave the content throughout the site in a fully integrated an easy to manage approach.

Purchasing Tickets

After our initial consultation with the Benchwarmers, it became clear they host several events per year. It's one way they engage the community, raise money for the cause and increase awareness of their mission. We plan to offer the ability for people to buy tickets online and also supply an RSVP list of attendees to the event organizers. By reducing the amount of work related to selling tickets, we'll free up more time for the event organizers to focus making the actual event better. Meanwhile, we can't assume all attendees will pay via credit card online; with this in mind, we'll offer a way for the Benchwarmers to add members to the RSVP list themselves.

More Donation Options

Every dollar counts. We want to give the supporters of the Benchwarmers more options for giving. This will include smaller, recurring and online donation options. In order to offer more options without significantly increasing the cost of operations, we'll incorporate credit card processing into the website.

Donation Receipts

After a donation is made, we'll email a receipt for tax purpose. Not only will they be emailed to a recipient each time a donation is made, but we'll also provide a user account allowing supporters to log in and view past donations and a summary of donations made in a given year.

User Experience Matters

We could configure a hodgepodge of existing services and compete this project in a shorter timeframe. For example, using Eventbrite for ticketing and Network for good's donation pages. However, those service break up our user experience requiring visitors to visit external websites and increase recurring costs for the Benchwarmers. We believe an easy to follow, integrated and visually attractive user experience will result in more engagement with the community. From increased donations to higher attendance rates at events. The culmination of our efforts will help the Benchwarmers deliver for more student athletes.

We're Excited And Proud

Matt and I are really excited to deliver for the Benchwarmers. We're also honored they have allowed us to partner with them in helping make the community better.

One of the benefits BitPeel receives from BitPeel for Nonprofits is meeting great people within the community. We've really enjoyed working with Sam Trad, Steve Chapman and Dave Eason and look forward to wrapping the project up and seeing the impact quality software has on the Redlands Benchwarmers Association.

Applications for Q1 2016 Are Open

Do you know of a great organization which makes the community a better place and could benefit from some custom web development? If so, please tell them about BitPeel for Nonprofits and ask them to apply.