Web Consultancy

Discover a trusted partner skilled in the process of developing web-based products and services designed to improve your business.

Why Our Clients Love Us

We bring more to the table than just writing code. We're business consultants with an ability to build awesome websites and software applications.

We always keep your best interest in mind both near and long term. We'll inform you of the options, share our opinions and let you make the right decisions for your business.

We're super friendly, speak in terms you can understand and listen to your goals.

Our Ideal Client

Our best work happens with clients who bring passion and enthusiasm to their project. We want you to be involved in helping us create something which all will be proud. Your happiness is important to us. We'll share progress early and often and give you plenty of opportunity to provide feedback.

Our Services

Software Development

We're Ruby on Rails experts who can build solutions from the ground up or take your existing project to the next level. Projects range from internal applications to make your business more efficient to complex stand-alone products and services.

Custom Website Development

Great websites are more than just visually attractive. We specialize in crafting highly effective marketing assets. Your website will have well-placed calls to action, SEO best practices baked in, and a mobile-friendly architecture.

Our values deliver amazing results.

When you hire BitPeel you'll receive a hands-on, personalized and engaging experience with a seasoned web developer.

Communicate Clearly

We've worked with companies of all sizes and with people of all levels of experience. Whether this is the first time you're attempting to get a project built or you've got extensive experience with software development, we'll explain the process and trade-offs in terms that make sense to you. And we always strive to keep open lines of communication, so you'll always know the status of your project.

Stay Boutique

When you work with BitPeel you get a hands-on experience. You'll work directly with an experienced partner who can scope your project requirements, offer suggestions for implementation, set expectations and execute the plan. We're web experts here to help make you successful.

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Be Transparent

We've learned open and honest communication increases trust within our relationships. If we don't believe we can bring tremendous value to the table, we'll let you know. We see our primary role as a trusted advisor who wants to do the right thing for your business.

Strive For Happy Clients

Client satisfaction is top of mind every time we work on a project. How we operate is a direct reflection of our desire to build a company which delivers the experience we'd like to receive if we were to hire a consultancy.

We're Available To Help


Make your business more efficient, automate tasks, enable customers to serve themselves.


Take your venture to the next level. From a website which will make you look great to tools which help you get more done.


We build prototypes. We'll work with you in developing a minimum viable product you can use to start seeking product market fit.

Have a project in mind?

When you interact with BitPeel, you'll immediately notice our personable, common-sense and helpful approach.